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21st May 2009

4:47pm: Movie Magic....
My Female partner in crime(soon to be wife) and I have decided to start experimenting with making our own videos, and possibly sharing some here on LJ depending on how they turn out. I'm very excited!!

Just ordered two Zi6 Kodak Digital Video Cameras with all the accessories......

I'll keep you updated once the new toys arrive.
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17th May 2009

9:43pm: Movies to share.....
Been surfing the porn sites tonight.
Here are some Videos I thought were worth sharing.......

Slut fucked hard by a big black cock! You can see how much she loves getting pounded!!

Girl Fucked hard over an Ironing board! I love the looks on her face as she gets the pain/pleasure of it!

Drunken Teens Fuck Hard!! I love the way her tits flop about when she's on her back!

Mmmmmmmm, gonna go to bed and Fuck the hell out of my Girl tonight!!!
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9th May 2009

11:14am: Father's Funeral
This is not a usual post for me.......REAL Stuff, not just horny thoughts & ramblings.
My Father died yesterday. It has hit me much harder than I expected. I am on my way to the Funeral now.
I won't be around for a week or so.....but needed to post....not even sure why, just needed to share what I'm going through.

25th April 2009

1:04pm: Websites that have my Interest these days.......
I'm not sure why, But lately I have been mesmerized by porn websites that offer the kind of "amateur" at home pornstars who make money running their site, but they seem not to be the high gloss, "professional" actresses that we see so often. Also, some of these ladies offer parties or one on one rendezvous with their members and fans! I find this to be SUCH a huge turn on.(maybe I'm just totally perverted. Not that I would have the guts to appear in one of their videos. I would love to attend one of these parties just for the experience of it. It fascinates me that this is becoming a popular selling point in the online porn industry.

Our very own Crazy Slutty from right here on LJ.
(she provides excellent custom videos & pictures for her members)

These Two are more "commercial", but are still Hot & Fresh

Here are the Party Sluts who you can meet in person

These Three are some of my Old Time Favorites

This Girl Goes on Tour every year to meet her fans!
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10th April 2009

9:16pm: 4 Questions......
(taken from BSexyF's Journal)

4 Questions

1. Ask me 4 questions, no matter how dirty or random I have to answer them honestly.

2. I will comment back with my answers

3. In turn, you have to post this message in your own journal, and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.
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1st January 2009

12:34pm: Happy New Year!!!
May 2009 bring happiness & wild sex to all!!!

4th September 2006

3:25pm: Question...........
If you and I were alone in a room right now, what would we be doing?

Now post this in YOUR LJ, and see what people wanna do with you.
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25th August 2006

2:32am: Info About me...........
Just Cuz I thought it was fun, I took this Meme.......

(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

× I miss somebody right now. I don't watch much TV these days. I own lots of books.  (I love to read...about EVERYTHING)
× I wear glasses or contact lenses. × I love to play video games. I've tried marijuana.  (Of Course!!)
I've watched porn movies.  (...and am addicted to them on some level. hahaha) × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.  (I try to be honest, but not always strong enough to be.....)
I curse sometimes.  (WAY too much) × I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
it goes on...Collapse )
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6th April 2006

5:35am: Profile Link, and Survey for FUN *wink*
(Stolen from "fuck_me_80"'s post long ago).........

1. Would you fuck me/let me fuck you?
2. What positions?
3. Would you give me head? If so, would you swallow?
4. Would we fuck hard and rough? or soft and sweet?
5. Would we fuck the first night we met?
6. Would you let me pull your hair while we fucked? How about slap your ass?
7. Would we fuck in the shower? How about in a bubble-bath?
8. Would you handcuff me or tie me to the bed and then ride me, or let me cuff you?
9. Would you have a 3·some with me? If so, with a another man or woman?
10. What about me makes you want me?
11. Would you talk dirty while we fucked? Tell all the nasty things you like?
12. What locations would we fuck in if we dated for sometime?
13. Would we do it in front of other people? In public?
14. Would we fuck more than once a day?
15. Would we fuck outside in the rain? In the snow?
16. Would you have phone sex with me? Would you enjoy it?
17. Would you cheat on me? or are you a "good girl"?
18. Would you break my heart by sleeping with my best friend behind my back?
19. If I gave you my heart would you love it or let it go?
20. Would you fuck me once and leave me the next day? or would you want more?
21. Would you tell me the truth no matter what it is or what you may think you need to hide?
22. Are you gonna re·post this to see if and how I want to fuck you? (please do)

Click below to see more of me :)
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4:52am: Is Porn good for Couples?
A post by "anonymous_red" inspired me to respond with this:

I LOVE women who can enjoy porn....it is SUCH a turn on to know that she gets as horny as I do watching.....being a voyuer....imagining it is us on screen, following along....and "wanting" what is happening on the screen. I like to watch with headphones on when others are around......so no one knows what I'm watching...like my own secret theatre. I don't get off everytime......sometimes I just like getting Soooooo rock hard, and then going about my day all horny and worked up all day long. It's fun to be super aware of all the sexual innuendo that surrounds us during the day because your mind is atune to SEX!! I think that the rough "dirty" sex is the biggest turn on in videos, and inspires us to be more wild or experimental than we might usually be.

I LOOOooove watching porn with my girlfriend(when I have one),but it's rare to find a woman who appreciates it for what it is...pure Sexual stimulus. I love Getting turned on together by sharing the voyueristic thrill of watching.......Then not being able to keep our hands off eachother as we begin to fuck with the movie still playing just a few feet away. It is a little like an orgy, multiple people fucking wildly all in the same area(even if some are on the TV screen!

I once had a girlfriend who would read erotic(very dirty, & nasty)stories out loud to me when we were in bed together. Most of the stories she wrote herself, or stole the idea from somewhere, and rewote it. It was her way of communicating what fantasies she was open to exploring, and also to give me little "hints" at what she liked in bed. She had a lovely voice and was a skilled story-teller. I found it all VERY sexy, and it never failed to drive us both to the point where we just HAD to have the other, and led to some very kinky sex that we most likely wouldn't have talked about or tried otherwise......She was a wonderful girl, but she didn't enjoy watching dirty movies, it just wasn't for her. Everyone is different I guess.

These days I tend to induldge in pornographic thrills often, and download ALOT since I have a high-speed connection. I found a "feature film" recently that you may all enjoy.......look for it when you have the urge:
It is called "Pirates" made in (2005) starring Janine,Devon,Teagan Presley,Jenaveve Jolie,Carmen Luvana, and Jesse Jane. It is advertised to be the "most expensive porn flick ever made".....the story is ripped off from "Pirates of the Carribean", but it is almost a "real" movie.....plot, acting, and special effects even....allwith VERY HOT sex scenes, and hard, dirty fucking!!

But sometimes it IS better to get right to the good stuff, and just see the raw, animalistic acts of two (or three or four)people trying to devour eachother carnally, not able to get enough of the other's sex, or eachother's cum!!! For these moments, I prefer the "Rocco Siffredi" videos.......they tend to be raunchy and right to the point!!

Of course everyone is different in their tastes, but I'd like to hear from all of you out there who whatch porn with your lover, or at least have once......Was it good? Did it inspire you to try something new? What did you watch? and how did you come to pick that selection???

Please let me know -boundryexplorer.
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25th March 2006

10:50am: Stolen from dragons_slut
Here is my Survey:

The Dirty Questionnaire
Made By: Dirty Valentine
First Off: How old are you?30
Your Sexuality: Straight? Bi? Gay/Les? Kinky?Straight....but kinky
At what age did you loose your virginity?14
Where you impressed or did they fall flat?It was Excellent, she was very talented!!
Do you enjoy GIVING oral sex?I LOVE eating pussy, it's my favorite thing!!! MMmmm, tastes sooo good!!
Do you enjoy RECEIVING oral sex?GOD yes...........
Anal sex: Yay or Nah?Yay.....It is such a turnon, and feels soooo good!
Part of a woman/man you enjoy looking at the most?I love admiring women's breasts...they are beautiful
Part of a woman/man you enjoy touching at the most?I love touching EVERYPART of a woman
Part of a woman/man you enjoy tasting in the most?MMMMmmm, that sweet, juicy pussy!! YUM!!!!
Part of a woman/man you enjoy being in the most?I love being inside her pussy when she cums & squeezes my cock!
Do you enjoy sex toys?I find them exciting to use together, or watch her use......
If YES, How many do you own?Personally none, but, I like giving gifts *wink*
Do you enjoy sexual role play?Very Much........
If YES, What is your favorite role playing scene?Teacher / Student, and she needs the grade! hahahaha.
What is the kinkiest thing you have fanasized about?A woman taking me with a strapon.......
What is the kinkiest thing YOUR PARTNER wanted you to do?cum in her mouth and then she wanted to snowball it back into mine.
What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done? (if not the same)Once had sex with two sisters at the same time, and they did eachother too!!
What is the LAST name of the FIRST person you kissed?Prelowe
What is the FIRST name of THIRD person you slept with?Amanda
How do you feel about casual sex?I'm all for it........just be SAFE!!!!!!!!
Have you ever had a one night stand?Yes, more than I'd like to admit.........
Ever persued someone w/ the SOLE purpose of getting them in bed then never contacted them again?No, If you go to all the trouble, you might as well fuck them for a few weeks!! hahahaha.
Ever had someone pursue YOU then never contacted you again? (hurts, don't in?)It does, oddly enough........but the sex was good.
Ever faked an orgams?Nope
Has a partner ever faked an orgasm?probably...?????
Are you multi-orgasmic (if so, what's you #? JK!)I enjoy orgasms however I can get em!! Hahahaha.
OK, this one if for you. Tell me something reeeeaally nasty about you!I like it when my girl fingers my ass while giving me head.....(embarrassing, but true)


Now, You can Ask me 1 question. About anything. I will give you an honest answer, no matter how dirty or personal.
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24th March 2006

8:17pm: I LOVE PORN.......
Since getting my high speed connection, I have truely enjoyed the easily accessed videos, audio files, pictures.....etc that are availible all over the internet. I download entire DVDs, clips, and everything in-between. I love my porn collection and it grows larger everyweek. So I thought I'd share what I like, in hopes you will do the same........

Here are some of my favorites:
MILF Hunter episodes
Backseat Banger's (as well as Bang Bus, but the first I think is more "realistic")
College Fuck Fest Videos
Flesh Hunter #3 (Aurora Snow & Jenna Haze are awsome together)
Shane's College Invasion Video's (real porn stars at real frat parties)

I also search based on Actresses:
Aurora Snow
Jenna Haze
Sunrise Adams
Ashley Blue
Julia Bond

So tell me.........What kind of Porn do you enjoy most???
Video? .............What titles??
Erotic or dirty written stories??......what subjuects?
Audio files??? of what??
What porn star / internet stars turn you on the most???
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7:57pm: Back from Busy Week..............
This week was CRAZY-BUSY!!! I apologise for the lack of posting and my general absense, but work had me all tied up (and not in that good way) *wink*. hahahahaha. I hope top catch up with all my friends and posts in the next day or two.......take care everone, and I'll be rambling on about something soon :)
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17th March 2006

8:26am: My Perfect Girlfriend...........
My Perfect Sexual Girlfriend:

1.) Lets me watch her play with herself till she explodes in orgasm
2.) Doesn't wear panties under her skirt, so I can finger her in public or in the car.
3.) Enjoys talking dirty to me and is very vocal during sex
4.) Has wild phonesex with me when we are apart too long
5.) Shares her fantasies with me by writing erotic stories and dirty emails
6.) Enjoys watching porn with me on occassion
7.) Wants to Video record us fucking & sucking so we can watch it together
8.) Stripteases for me on special occassions and gives me lapdances sometimes
9.) Slips her wet panties into my pocket to let me know she is aroused......she knows I love her scent!
10.) Often Surprises me by being naked and ready when I walk through the door from work
11.) Shops with me at Adult Bookstores for toys and things that excite us both
12.) Wants to have sex with me in a dressingroom while shopping at the mall
13.) Owns and enjoys using several vibrators that I bought for her, and she lets me watch sometimes
14.) Is never embarrassed to have sex with me when on her period.......she just wants it!
15.) Wants to experiment together in the bedroom, even with other girls
16.) Lets me tie her to the bed and have my way with her....submits to me completely
17.) Is not afraid to take charge from time to time, and have HER way with me...
18.) Wants to Join the Mile High Club with me when we fly somewhere on vacation
19.) Will Finger my ass and massage my prostate while giving me head to intensify my pleasure
20.) Likes it when I cum on her Tits, and face...and asks for that often when we're fucking
21.) Loves anal sex, and begs me to "put it in her ass"......
22.) Fantasizes about having two guys at once....and wants to someday try it with me and a friend in several positions
23.) Kisses me deeply after I cum in her mouth, so we can share the sweet taste between us
24.) Loves the taste of her own pussy juices and often sucks me clean after I fuck her to orgasm cumming inside her
25.) Lets me shave her pussy for her because she knows I love doing that, and she trusts me to be careful

Maybe she doesn't exist........but perhaps one day I will find her :)
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8:26am: Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Fuck me I'm Irish!!!

5th March 2006

7:41am: Answers for Fuck_Me_80
Dear Skylah-
This is a little long......But I think you will enjoy it my dear. I know I enjoyed writing these thoughts out for you, and now am too horny to think of anything else but all the ways I want you!!! I have fallen deeply in lust with you through reading your journal, and only hope this is the beginning of a long and exciting correspondence between you and I my love. Have a wonderful day, and think dirty thoughts for me *evil grin*

From page:

1. Would you fuck me/let me fuck you?: Oh God yes!! Over and over and over!!!

2. What positions?: Doggie(while pulling your hair and smacking your ass),You on top(my hands playing with those gorgeouse tits while you ride me hard), Missionary(so I can see the look in your beautiful eyes as I make you cum slamming into you over & over), Ass in the air(with you bent over-face in the pillow screaming as I fuck that sweet pussy so hard and use my hand to reach around and play with your clit at the same time)!!!

3. Would you go down on me?: Only for HOURS!! Lapping up your delicious sweet juices as I alternate pushing my tongue deep inside you to lick your inner walls, and licking back up parting those pink lips so I can focus on your hard lil clit to make you beg and scream with pleasure!!!

4. Would we fuck hard?: MMMMmmmmm, Oh yes we most definately would!! I would slam you with everything I had, hard and DEEP, as my balls slap against you with my every thrust. You'd be sore for DAYS after baby.

5. Would we fuck the first night we met?: For Certain.....Your pics already have me sooo HARD, if we met in person, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you, and would end up just TAKING you as I would NEED to fuck you my sweet girl.

6. Would you let me pull your hair while we fucked? Or would you pull mine (if I had any)?: I would Definately pull your hair ALOT to let you know who is in charge, and to direct your attentions where I wanted them!! If you want to pull mine.....That's fine, but expect to recieve just as hard!!!

7. Would we fuck in the shower?: In the Jaccuzzi bathtub with the jets pumping and water splashing over the sides....In the Shower with the hot water pouring over both of us.....and with me using the detatchable shower-head on your sensitive, juicy cunt after all that, just so I can watch you shiver and squeal as you cum HARD at the mercy of my minstrations!!!

8. Would you handcuff me or tie me to the bed and then fuck me, or let me do that to you?: I would tie you to the bed spread-eagle using my silk ties I wear to work. I would Fuck you long and alternate between rough & gentle sex so as to drive you wild with building toward climax, but not reaching it for hours and hours.....I would enjoy teasing & torturing you this way until you begged me repeatedly to let you cum.....and then I would make you cum Soooooo hard you would sob uncontrolably with pleasure my love!!! If you wish to tie me up or handcuff me......I would submit gladly and thoroughly enjoy giving up control to you my pet*smile*

9. Would you have a 3·some with me?: If it is what you wanted....I would. I would share you with another(male or female) if it meant giving you more pleasure and fulfilling a fantasy for you my dear. I would LOVE seeing you so gratified and happy from realizing your own inner slut-potential!!!

10. What about me makes you want me?: Your dirty mind, Your "innocent real-life", Your hearty appetite for sex & masturbation, Your openness at sharing your secret thoughts & wants here with us, Your "cravings for cock", and of COURSE your oh-so-sexy pictures that show me how beautiful your hot body is!!!

11. Would you talk dirty while we fucked?: Of Course my lil slut!! All the while we fucked I'd tell you the dirtiest, most descriptive things to paint the most vivid sexual images in that wonderful mind of yours. I would Call you at work just to talk dirty in your ear over the phone...making you wet with anticipation before you meet me that night for our date. I would tell you all the nasty things I want to do and how I will make you love every moment of it!!!*wink*

12. What locations would we fuck?: Anywhere the moment strikes us my love!! A restroom at a restaurant....A dressingroom at the store while shopping.....At the beach while sunning on the sand......In an airplane(mile-high club??).....at home in bed, in the kitchen, in the living-room while watching dirty movies together......or in the car because we just can't wait to get to where-ever we are going!!!!

13. Would we do it in front of people?: Yes......the risk of getting caught ALWAYS heightens the sexual tension and makes for stronger release when finally achieving orasmic bliss in public!!! I would push your boundries and show you the joys of "risky-sex" in public as well as the incredible turn on of just letting someone watch, be it a friend or additional lover who is present with us at home. I would LOVE showing you off as the woman I MUST HAVE again and again, no matter where or who sees!!!!

14. Would we fuck more than once?: What do you think my dear??? That is a silly question!! I wouldn't let you out of arm's reach for the first four days we were together because I would NEED you and WANT you constantly, pausing only to eat for strength, or for ten minutes to regain my HARDON after you had drained me once again!!!!! We would FUCK ALOT!!!!!!!

15. Would we fuck in the rain?: MMMmmmmmmmm.......I would LOVE to have you outside, in the soft grass as a warm summer's rain poured down over us, soaking our clothes so we had to peel them off, and keeping our bodies slick and slippery against one another as we devoured eachother never being able to get enough or give enough pleasure!!!!(GOD I sooo want that)!!

16. Would you have phone sex with me?: YESSSSS.....I would LOVE driving you to orgasmic bliss using only my imagination and words and ability to tap into your dirtiest, nastiest thoughts and share in the excitement of your finally admitting them OUT LOUD to me. I would go crazy myself listening to you on the phone as you play with yourself and talk dirty back to me all in the name of a shared lust and need to hear eachother's explosive orgasm!!! We would play on the phone often in order to grow bolder and build a trust that is essential in a healthy, exciting, & sexually experimental,relationship.

17. Would you cheat on me?: No I would not. If for some reason, the need came to seek another partner, I would be honest, and up-front about it before-hand, and would only part ways with you if it was on equal, agreed upon terms so as not to spoil or cheapen all that we had shared and built between us. If presented with the opportunity for sex with some "random woman", I would not need to indulge, because I am confident that you would keep me sexually satisfied and perpetually excited with anticipation of what we would experience together next!!!! Why leave the perfect partner who shares all my fantasies, and whose sex drive is equal to my own, only to be disappointed by the lack of intimacy with a stranger.

18. Would you break my heart?: I may not be able to live up to the imagined ideals of the "perfect man" or a fairytale prince who can save the damsel in distress....But I would NEVER break your heart by committing some treatoris act of disloyalty or by ignoring your needs either in or out of the bedroom!!! If you can be realistic if your expectations....than I will meet or exceed them.....I am just a man however, and cannot save the world on my own*wink*

19. If I gave you my heart would you love it or let it go?: I would cherish it and love it all my days!!! If you gave me such a gift, I would protect it and honor it, all the while worshiping your body and stimulating your naughty mind!!!!

20. Would you fuck me once and leave me the next day?: Only if you knew I was leaving before we fucked.....but who am I kidding, after sex with you for a night, I wouldn't be going ANYWHERE for quite a few days!!! I would become addicted instantly, and would NEED you again and again, wanting only to further explore the newly discovered sexual playground of eachother's limits!!!(I'd have to call in sick to work) Hahahaha

21. Would you tell me the truth no matter what it is or what you do?: Of Course I would my love.......what is the point of sharing physical imtimacy and sexual compatability if one is only going to destroy it with a lie. That makes no sense. I would tell you the truth no matter how bad or embarrassing.....and I'd hope & expect you to except me for ME, no matter what that truth was. If we can't trust eachother on that level, then the sex won't be worth it anyway*smile*

22. Are you gonna re·post this to see if and how I want to fuck you? I Most Definately AM!!! My curiosity is killing me, and I hope you respond soon, and with great description and lots of lust in your heart!!!!*wink*
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19th February 2006

10:37am: At the Office...............
A Fun Story, let me know what you think-

The Office

It had been the month from hell. There had been so much happening it was a wonder that I had remembered to put pants on each morning, and while I am usually a happy and cheerful person, the strain of the long weeks had made me frustrated and abrupt with the people under me. Today I was sitting through a string of meetings broken up only by lunch, and then more meetings before I was done for the day. I had somehow made it through the morning without shouting at anyone or needing to be restrained, so I was happy when I realized there would only be one more meeting before lunch.
I was sitting in the conference room looking over the stacks of papers and reports I had gathered for today’s meetings when Tom came in with someone else. I stood to greet them and caught my breath, standing next to Tom was a stunning woman. She was about 5’4", with gorgeous breasts that strained against the black button down shirt she wore under her grey suit, her tits had to be 36D. The matching skirt she wore was knee length with a three inch slit revealing her left knee. She wore dark stockings and sexy sling back pumps. Her hair was pulled up and revealed the creamy skin of her neck that almost cried out to be kissed and nibbled. She was simply the most gorgeous creature I had wittnessed in as long as I could remember. Tom’s introduction brought me out of my awe induced stupor.
"Doug, may I introduce Dawn. She has been working with our legal department as a consultant for the last two weeks or so. Her input has been invaluable." Tom croaked, his voice betraying him. Tom was so old that people used to joke he had built the historic location in which our offices were contained. He would laugh about it, but not too hard.....
I extended my hand suddenly nervous, "It’s a pleasure to finally meet you," I said smiling, I had heard through the company grapevine that the consultant we had brought in was smoking hot, and had shut down all sexual advances from any guys brave enough to approach her. Gossip had invariably started up that she was a lesbian, mainly to cover the bruised egos of the men, but I knew better.
"Likewise Doug, I have heard great things about you from your people here, I am glad we finally get to meet." She took my hand and flashed a smile accompanied by a wink that only I saw. I smilied back, trying to mask the obvious arousal our meeting had caused me. I motioned towards the large conference table, "We have a few minutes before everyone gets here," I said, "there should be about ten of us, so grab a seat while you can." I glanced at Tom trying to gather if he recognized I was hiding something, but he seemed oblivious as he continued to stare at the beautiful woman who now owned the room.
I still had all my paperwork at my seat, so trying to relocate closer to Dawn without being painfully blatant would have been impossible. I just had to hope Dawn would pick a chair near me. She walked slowly past my chair giving me a great view of her body in motion as I moved to my seat. She bypassed the chairs next to mine and rounded the table, choosing the seat directly across from me. "Not the best," I thought, "but could be worse."
Tom shuffled behind Dawn and gave me a wink, probably to indicate he did in fact recognize the sexual tension in the room. Tom was the dirty old man at the office that no one believed could be so dirty. He was also one of the few sources of complete comedic relief for me throughout my day. They sat and began shuffling their papers, organizing them into a coherent order when all of a sudden Tom picked his head up from his stack. "Dawn, did you bring the file with the term extensions?" he asked; I had no idea what terms he was referring to, nor if extending the terms would be a good or bad thing, so I decided to keep my mouth shut.
"No, Tom, I didn’t… I am sorry, I will run back and grab them." She said, rising slightly from her chair.
"No worry my dear," Tom said with an ancient smile, "I know right where they are, and my office is locked anyway. I will be back in two shakes." I had always wondered what interval of time that euphemism referred to; I tried to figure it out instead of staring at Dawn’s glorious breasts. They were pulling against the material of her blouse and the buttons seemed to be working hard to hold them back.
"Oh thank you Tom, you are such a sweetheart," She flashed the smile again and Tom’s life expectancy dropped a few months. He rose from the table and shuffled out of the conference room. "He is such a nice man," Dawn said after he had left. "A little randy at times though." She giggled and winked at me. I smiled as I leaned back in my chair.
Having finished organizing her papers Dawn pulled a pen from out of her portfolio and began twirling it between two fingers, making a blur of white and black as it spun. A nervous habit, I theorized....she feels the tension too. This thought pleased me, as I smiled her way. Suddenly the pen flew from her grasp and skittered across the conference table, I was almost able to catch it before it dropped, but it bounced off my palm and landed on the floor. "Oh shoot...I'm sorry," Dawn said, dropping her hands into her lap. "Could you get that for me? I am such a klutz today."
"No problem." I responded, as I pushed my chair back to give myself room to bend over. As I reached down for the pen I took the opportunity to take a look at her legs. They were firm and toned…encased in sheat thigh-high stockings and spread wide open!! I was shocked, I looked up to see her thighs spread as far as the chair would allow. One of Dawn’s hands had pulled her skirt up to her waist and the other had buried her middle finger two knuckles deep into her bare pussy. She was not wearing panties and was visibly wet, even in the shadowy light under the table. She moaned softly as her finger pushed deeper inside her sex for me to witness.
I sat back up, my cock straining after the surprise show I had just been afforded. Dawn smiled right at me and asked if I liked what I saw. "How could I possibly say no?" I asked as I placed her pen back on the table infront of her.
"You don't imagine you could." she said huskily, smoothing out her skirt with the hand that had been holding it up, and once re-ajusted, picked up the pen. Her other hand she raised to her mouth and seductively sucked the two fingers clean of her pussy juice before returning it to her once more, covered lap....all the while we sat with eyes locked on one another.
At that moment, Tom returned with the paperwork he had been looking for and brought with him a few people he had met in the halls who were supposed to be in our meeting. Introductions were made all around, and I noticed Dawn shook hands using the fingers that had, just minutes ago, been buried into her dripping pussy. After everyone sat down she looked right at me and winked with a wicked grin on her face. We enjoyed sharing our secret.
I would have blocked out the meeting anyway, but the image of Dawn’s perfectly trimmed, soaking wet pussy kept playing over and over in my mind. Periodically I would have to make some kind of comment, though I probably could have told them anything and the meeting would have gone on normally, since no one understands what we do anyway. About half an hour into the meeting I felt something brush up against my leg. I looked across the table to see Dawn looking straight at me with devious eyes and a wide grin. I could feel her stocking-ed foot running up my calf and against my thigh. I pulled my chair closer to the table to allow her foot to get all the way up to my crotch, which hid my achingly hard cock that would not go down ever since the sight of Dawn’s pussy under the table. She nestled her heel in against my balls and used the ball of her foot to stroke up and down the length of my hard dick. I didn't think it possible at that point, but my dick grew even harder with the touch of her foot gently pressing against my shaft. This was tourture! She was stroking me to near climax, and there was nothing I could do. The only pause she made was briefly when someone in the meeting asked her a question about some kind of alternative form of dispute resolution, and she needed to divert her attentions from me to consult her notes for an answer.
After another agonizing half-hour the meeting wrapped and Dawn was forced to take her foot away from my, now close to exploding, cock. We all rose and shook hands, glad for the chance to get out of the stifling conference room. I was afraid everyone would notice the exceptional bulge in my pants, but everyone seemed to be just as anxious to leave the room as I was, and I covered my crotch with my protfolio just in case. I waited outside the door for Dawn to come out. Tom was close behind her as she strided out with a tight lipped smile and a sexy swagger in her hips. Tom and I made small talk about the meeting as Dawn stood quietly to one side, barely acknowledging either of our presences. Tom turned to her and put out his hand, "It has been a pleasure working with you Dawn, thank you for all your help these past weeks." I realized then, that the meeting we had just gone through was the culmination of all her work here and had been presented by, and taken credit for, everyone but her. Tom excused himself and headed for his office. As I gazed lustfully again at Dawn I felt someone else put their hand on my back before I could speak.
"Doug, I am taking a long lunch today, is that alright?" It was my secretary, Gail. I smiled, she was a wonderful, bright woman who had helped me in making my way through several promotions in the past three years.
"Of course Gail," I said with a smile, "take as long as you need." Gail was, before Dawn's arrival, the most sought after piece of ass in the office. She was drop-dead gorgeous and feisty as hell. Although she was just my type, I never pursued Gail because she was far too valuable to me as my assistant, and I couldn't risk screwing that up. I watched her leave for lunch swinging her hips under the short skirt that had become her trademark attire, and my mind wandered to carnal thoughts. I was lost in my sexual arousal until Dawn politely cleared her throat. I jumped and began to stammer an apology.
"Do you think she is attractive?" Dawn asked, ignoring the pathetic attempt to cover my starring.
"Very much," I responded, unable to hide the fact that Dawn’s attentions during the meeting had left a lasting effect on my cock. "But she is a colleague, and that is how I see her." I said softly, my lie apparent to us both.
"Well, then it is a shame that we are colleagues I guess." Dawn’s mischievous smile had returned as she now teased me.
"Speaking of which, do you have plans for lunch? It would be a shame to let you leave us without at least taking you out for something to eat."
"I didn’t have anything planned.....and I am starved......" she continued in a seductive tone while glancing at my crotch.
"Well, come into my office for a minute while I get myself organized." I said, gesturing the way down the hall. She took the lead and headed past Gail’s desk through the door into my spacious office.
She turned as I closed the door behind me, "You have a nice, big office Doug, one could do a lot in here."

The door clicked as I twisted the lock in place. I looked into Dawn’s eyes and saw the same passion and arousal I had seen across the conference room table. "Dawn, I have a request before we head to lunch."
"What would you like?" Dawn replied, taking small steps towards me.
"I want you to drop to your knees and show me your sweet pussy again."
There was no hesitation, Dawn immediately dropped the stack of papers she had been carrying in her one hand and her briefcase dropped from the other as she fell to her knees on the soft carpeting. She reached down, pulling the hem of her skirt up to her waist and spread her knees apart, showing her glistening wet pussy as she leaned back.
I walked up to her, the only thing separating my hard cock from her mouth was a foot of space and my pants. Dawn had closed her eyes when the cool air had hit her dripping pussy and had taken her bottom lip between her teeth. "Now, I distinctly remember telling you to wear your black lace panties today." I said firmly. "Do you remember that?"
She took a quick breath, making her breasts strain against her tight blouse. Her nipples were poking against the tense fabric. "Yes sir," she replied, "but I knew that we would be meeting, and I had already soaked them through before I even left the house today." She opened her eyes and her stare lingered on the bulge in my pants.
"Look at me when I am talking to you Dawn." I said with a small smile. I love how worked up she gets when she anticipates having my cock. She has told me that some days it is all she thinks about. She makes herself nearly breathless with anticipation. She raised her eyes to meet mine and I could tell she was beyond horny. "But I told you to wear your black panties didn’t I?"
She lowered her eyes again and quietly responded "Yes sir…"
We had been dating if you could call it that for about a month now. We first slept together the night of her second work-day at our office. She made me promise to maintain a professional relationship during the workdays, so as not to undermine her credability with co-workers. I agreed, as long as each night her ass belonged to me!. We had spent everynight together at my house since that first night. It was far more than just a fling. We were obssessed with eachother, and our office games just made it all the more fun. Our sexual energy became higher and higher since we spent the better part of each day pretending that we didn't know eachother. That sexual energy lead to some very wild nights, and now on her last day, had brought us to a breaking point where we almost blew our cover right in the conference room as she teased me to the point of NEEDING to fuck.........now!
"You need to be punished for disobeying me. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment Dawn?"
I could see her body tense when I spoke her name as if she was in trouble. We had played out similar scenarios dozens of times. Dawn would disobey an order, or if I wanted to be especially hard on her, I would make her kneel and come up with her own punishment. More often than not it would merely end with both of us getting exactly what we wanted. "I don’t know sir, I have been very bad." Her voice was soft but filled with desire.
We were now safely hidden in my office behind a locked door, and I could FINALLY have her after that seemingly endless meeting, and her almost cruel level of teasing me all morning. Now however, our roles were reversed. With the door closed, and away from prying eyes, I was back in charge.....and I was gonna make her pay for having pushed me as far as she did!!
"Open your eyes and tell me what you want most," I said. Her eyes opened slowly and she stared again at the large bulge in my pants that she had caused. Unconsciously her tongue snaked out and licked her lips. I smiled again. "You want to suck my cock don’t you Dawn?"
She was almost entranced by the swelling of my pants. "Mmmmm… yes sir. I want it in my mouth."
"It’s been a long time since I let you suck it hasn’t it?" She opened and closed her mouth, remembering how many days it had been since I had allowed her to blow me. She didn’t say anything, simply nodded her head. "You want to suck it like a good cum slut don’t you?"
Her right hand crept down from the hem of her skirt, which was still lifted to her waist, to her dripping pussy. I could see her wetness coating her inner thighs. Dawn ran a finger lightly over her clit and against her pussy lips. "Oh God, YES. I want it so badly sir. Please let me suck your cock!" Her finger started working itself up and down her pussy lips, spreading her juices against her clit.
"That will be your punishment you dirty little slut. You will have to earn my cock in your mouth." Her eyes shot up to my face to see if I was serious. She wasn’t used to me denying her completely, usually only delaying her gratification. "Get up and sit on my desk." I told her sternly.
She removed her hand from her soaking pussy and dropped her skirt, getting up from her knees and walked over to my desk. Putting her back to the door she hopped her sexy ass onto the hard wood of the desktop and spread her legs giving my office chair a fantastic view.
"I am going to eat your pussy now, whore. I am going to suck all the juices from that cunt of yours and make you moan. If you beg nicely I will let you cum. Do you understand me?" She nodded her head quickly, pulling her skirt up once more. A smile flashed across my face as an idea came to me.
"I am even going to give you a nice view while I do it." Turning around I walked to my window and opened the blinds all the way. The city spread away for miles. The surrounding area was smaller offices and shops, so the view wasn’t blocked by any other buildings. "You are going to moan and beg nice and loud for me while the whole city can watche you. Can you do that for me?"
Dawn shivered at the thought of being so exposed, though in truth no one would ever see what we were doing. "Yes sir, I understand. I can beg loud for you."
"I know you can baby." And with that I sat in my chair and pulled myself between her legs. Her smell was breathtaking, so sweet and delicious. She propped her feet up on the arms of my office chair, spreading her legs even wider, allowing me access to every part of her pussy. I started by licking all of her gathered wetness from her soft thighs. I stroked my hands along the backside of her thighs and on the sides of her ass, loving how soft her skin felt across my fingertips. I looked up and saw that she had leaned her head back and had her eyes closed. I blew cool air across her pussy and I could feel her body shiver from the sensation. Then I could hold back no more.
I ran my tongue up and down between her pussy lips for what seemed like an hour. Dawn’s moans got louder each time I reached her clit and just barely caressed it. She lifted her hips up off the desk to try to get my tongue to rub her clit, but I pushed her back down. "This is part of your punishment too. If you are going to dress and act like a horny slut I am going to treat you like one." She whimpered… whispering that she was sorry. "You are only sorry now because I am punishing your pussy. Next time you will remember to follow my directions, won’t you?"
Again she whispered "Yes…"
I flicked my tongue across her clit and then pulled away, she bucked her hips up again to reach my mouth. "I told you to be nice and loud didn’t I? Now, I asked if you would follow my directions next time."

She took a deep breath and said "Yes sir ohhhhhhhhh!!" As she responded I bent my head down and sucked her clit while pushing two of my fingers all the way into her dripping pussy. One hand gripped the back of my head while the other steadied her on the desk. Her hips bucked hard as her tight pussy clenched around my fingers, she threw her head back and moaned. I started working my fingers in and out of her tight cunt as her orgasms started coming harder and faster on top of each other. Dawn started breathlessly moaning words "Oh, fuck, oh, god Doug, I’m cumming. I’m going to explode!" I continued to suck and lick her clit while her hips bounced up to meet my mouth, my fingers still stroking in and out of her dripping wet slit. As she finally started coming down from her first round of orgasms I stood up, no longer able to restrain the overwhelming urge to fuck her. Dawn felt me pull away and brought her head forward to look into my eyes. I pulled down my pants and leaned against her, letting my cock rub against her swollen pussy through my boxers. Dawn moaned softly and reached down to take out my cock.
"This is what you want isn’t it slut?"
"Mmmmmm… yes sir, I want your cock so badly." She replied pulling my boxers down exposing my hard erection.
"You want all of my cum too, don’t you?" I said, lightly brushing my dick up and down against her dripping cunt. Her wetness spreading across the head of my cock.
"Oh GOD yes! I want it inside of me sir." she breathed
"Because you are a good little cum slut aren’t you?" I said with a mischievious smile.
"Yes sir… I am your cum slut and I want your cum so badly." Dawn whimpered, her pussy was starting to pulse again from the teasing I was giving her lips. My cock head was totally coated in her hot sweet cum.
"Mmmmm… good girl. Now… tell me what you are while I fuck you." I said as I slowly started pressing my cock into her tight pussy. Her walls were clutching all around me, trying to pull my cock deeper and deeper into her dripping cunt. Dawn threw her head back and moaned loudly.
"Oh god… I am your whore Doug, your dirty whore…" I slowly pushed another inch into her as she wrapped her legs around my waist digging her heels into my ass. "I am your good cum slut baby… I love your cum… I need it!!" Another two inches had gone in as Dawn started thrusting her hips up toward mine. Her wetness had run down from her soaked pussy to her ass and onto the wood of my desk. "I’m… ohhh… I am your fuck toy sir… I love you fucking my dripping cunt… I… ohhh… I am going to cum for you Doug… ohhhh… fuuuuuck!"
Dawn came just as I pushed the last few inches of my cock into her dripping pussy. I could feel her pussy walls rippling all around me. I kept my cock in as deep as it would go while she wildly bucked her hips and ground her crotch against me, panting and moaning as she used my cock to get herself off, relieving the horniness she had been building all day without her panties on. She pinched her nipples through her shirt with one hand and scratched at my back with the other as the waves of pleasure washed over her. As her clenching pussy started relaxing I began stroking in and out of her. My cock was screaming for release and Dawn had earned a little present.
"Open your blouse baby." I said as Dawn laid back on the desk, letting me take over the work. I lifted her legs so that her knees were out to the side and above her waist, I was so deep in her pussy, it felt so amazing. She started at the top of her blouse, slowly revealing more and more soft, creamy skin with each button. When she had finished I looked down into her eyes as she reached up and undid the front clasp of the bright red bra she was wearing. "You wore a different bra than what I told you too," I said, thrusting a little harder into her. She groaned.
"I know sir," she said with a giggle "II am a bad girl, should be punished!!"
"You will be, don’t worry." I lifted her knees closer to her breasts as I started thrusting harder into her. My cock pumping in and out of her, almost leaving her pussy each time I pulled back. Dawn’s eyes closed as my pace quickened. I could feel her pussy clenching around me again, knowing she was going to cum again soon. "And I know exactly what you punishment will be too."
"What is it Doug?" she said breathlessly, humping with her hips again as her cunt started to clench hard around my cock.
"Well, you want my cum so badly inside of you, but I don’t think I will let you have it. I think you should have to wear it." I said, just as her next orgasm started to break over her. Her whole body went rigid as her back arched off the desk and her legs pulled me deep inside of her. Her inner walls were throbbing as she moaned.
"Ohhhhhh… please sir… ohhhhh… I want your cum so badly." Her pussy was milking my cock, rippling all around it, trying to suck the cum from my balls.
"And you will have it baby." With that I pulled my cock out of her and started stroking it over her belly. It had taken all of my will power not to cum in her hot lil box, but she had to be taught a lesson. Dawn looked at me, reached down and started stroking her clit with one hand and pinching and pulling her nipple with the other. She had recently gotten her nipple pierced and tugged on the barbell as she panted and moaned, begging me to cum all over her.
The combination of such a gorgeous woman spread open flicking her clit and playing with her nipples, and talking sooo dirty was more than I could take. The anticipation I’d had all morning and during our meeting had weakend my will. I wanted to prolong our fun, but I gave in. I came, hard. Thick jets of cum shot from my cock, the first two streams splashing across Dawn’s perfect tits, running down between them and pooling in the valley made by her large mounds. More cum landed across her belly and still more dripped from my spent cock onto her trimmed pubic hair.
Dawn took some of the cum and used it to rub her clit a little more. She had rubbed herself into another orgasm as I had cum all over her and her legs twitched as she slowly traced circles around her super sensitive clit. Her other hand rubbed the cum that had landed across her tits into her soft skin. I looked down at her, our eyes locked as she lifted a finger to her mouth and licked my cum from it, closing her eyes and moaning softly as she savored the moment. "Mmmmm… you taste so good sir." She said as she looked back at me.
"As do you Sweetheart." I said, smiling broadly. "You are amazing."
Dawn giggled, "Thank you for the wonderful orgasms, but I REALLY wanted to suck you off in your office, like we talked about the other day.....it is a BIG fantasy of mine baby." She pouted.
"I know Sweetheart, another time." I looked up at the clock. We had been induldged in our playtime for over an hour. "I have to run to another meeting babe… Tonight, meet me at my place, and I promise. You can be incharge and we will play whatever game you choose." I smiled as I helped her up off the desk and onto her feet.
"I will hold you to that." Dawn giggled again with a devilish gleam in her beautiful eyes.
Current Mood: horny

19th January 2005

8:36am: A Fantasy Come True..............
I am lying in my bed.....the sun is struggling to
break into the morning sky.....I am in between the
stage of sleep and consciousness....I am alone
sleeping in my nice comfortable bed...wearing only my
boxers... snuggled under the blankets keeping
warm.....You enter my bedroom quietly......tiptoeing
across the room towards my bed...You let your jacket
float to the floor softly so as not to wake me. Wearing
only your silk nightie, you slip under the covers next
to me....not touching yet....I do not even realize that
You are there next to me in my bed.......

I am in a dream like state of mind...not sure if I am
dreaming or what. You move your body closer to
mine.....You snuggle up to me from behind since I am
laying on my side. I can feel something silky against
my back....but I lay still....Your arms reach around
my chest and You begin to hug I from behind......Your
fingers interlocking in front of my chest.....Your
lips softly find my shoulders and You begin to kiss my
skin.....planting wet delicious kisses all over my
back and my shoulders......I am still in a dreamlike
state but I realize that I enjoy this feeling and I
lay there.....Your hands release and slowly begin to
travel along my body downwards.....down my
chest.....along my stomach......stopping briefly to
let your fingers make small circles around my belly
button.....and at the same time your lips are gently
covering my back with your warm kisses.....Your
fingers continue to massage downwards until the palm
of your hand brushes across the front of my
underwear.....your hand glides over the bulge in my
underwear and continues to move down towards my
thighs......You smile to yourself as you know that the
best time for me is the morning as I always wake up
with a raging hard on. And you are to pleased to find
my cock hard as rock this morning.

You lips part slightly and your tongue begins to lick
slowly my shoulder blades......kissing and licking as
your body slinks its way down my back. I can feel the
soft smooth silk negligee that you are wearing
caressing my back as you slide down me. I reach around
with my arm and feel the soft fabric between my
fingers......I love the way it feels...You now realize
I am awake, and grin widely still saying nothing. You
rub my thigh as the fabric slips between my
experienced fingers...then you gently take my hand and
lift it off and put it in front of me once more.....I
am still lying on my side.....You continue to kiss my
back...leaving little wet kisses as you make your way
down my back.

Your hands are busy rubbing my thighs and teasing my
groin by brushing across the front of my
boxers.....touching my stomach....then brushing your
hand again against my cock and back to my
thighs......I am still a little sleepy...thinking to
myself...that if this is a dream I don't want to wake
up!!! I decide to just lay there and enjoy the
feeling. Your fingers work their way under the elastic
trim of my boxers and slowly begin to inch their way
down....peeling my shorts off slowly......I moan with
delight.....I love the feeling of being loose and
free. In fact I like to sleep nude but for some
strange reason this night I wore underwear. Your
kisses linger at the small of my back...enjoying the
arousing sensation it is giving me......your hand
slips around to the front of me and feels my cock
growing still harder with all the excitement. You
smile again....loving the power you have over my body.

Your mouth moves towards my side...your tongue does a
dance upon my skin...licking little swirls from the
back to the front of my body....sending little shivers
of excitement through me. I am now starting to really
wake up and I realize that I am not dreaming but you
are really here.....I roll over on my back.....I open
one eye and look at you....You look back at me....I
cannot help but notice your big blue eyes pleading
with me to let you continue....I grin at you, So happy
you are here..... You smile back at me and say softly
"Good morning baby!" I moan back at you "Mmmmmm Good
morning Babes" my head presses harder into the pillow.
my back arches and I push my hips up stretching my
body to wake up all the muscles.

You lay next to me.....I can feel your breasts against
my side....firm, round and soft.....I move one arm
around to touch you.....I hold your body tight next to
mine.....then I moan again "Mmmmmmmmm". Raising my
head I look and see that your black silk nightie is
bunching up around your hips...exposing those lovely
legs which you are rubbing along mine.....I love to
feel of you against me., tickling me with those smooth
legs......My hand moves to help lift off your
nightie.....You sit up on my bed as my hands,
experienced as they are, begins to disrobe you. Your
nightie slides over your head.......I can smell the
scent of shampoo as your hands toss your
hair, shaking it free.

I close my eyes and the scent of you brings a quick
memory to the forefront of my spinning mind...the one
where we showered together and I shampooed your hair
for you. I remember the smell in the
shower as we made love with the water cascading over
us. This memory triggers my cock to pulse....a quick
throb....and then another one....with your hand you
reach over and take my throbbing cock and cradle it in
the soft palm of your hand.....you lean over and
gently kiss it.....my head pushes back against the
pillow and I moan "Mmmmmmm" and because you know that
I love it when you kiss me there you oblige and kiss
my cock again. And again. And again.....teasing me
with your kisses, not taking me in your mouth just

Soft little kisses all around the shaft of my now
throbbing cock. You can feel hands in your hair
now....I close my eyes and enjoy the wonderous
sensations you give me. My hand relaxes on your head
rubbing it slowly with my strong fingers. Your lips
are kissing my cock ever so gently....your hand
holding my cock so your lips can moisten it with your
sweet lips. My hips buck up and you can sense my
excitement growing......I tell you that I can't stand
much more teasing. You smile up at me, and close those
beautiful lips around my cock, and suck me slow and
deep. You are still teasing, going too slow on
purpose, because you know I will lose my mind, and
take control. You suck me gently, and slowly, until I
can't take anymore!!!.....I grab you with my strong
hands and flip you over on the bed so that you are now
lying on your back......I kneel up and straddle
you...my muscular legs on either side of your
body.....my cock waving in the air as I sit on your
stomach....You look up at me...starting at my face,
eyes wide with excitement. ....you can see my eyes are
so full of lust and passion now.....I gaze at your
lips urgently....thinking about the many times that
you have wrapped those ruby red lips around my cock
and made love to me with that sweet mouth....I think
about the many kisses....long and passionate ones that
we have kissed in the past...the warm feeling that I
get when we kiss....like we were meant to be
together...we feel so open with each other.....the
stirring feeling inside my stomach whenever we locked
our mouths together in a long sweet kiss.

My glance moves downwards....I notice your smooth
shoulders and then I take my hands and run them along
your shoulders and down your arms....pulling your arms
to the sides and holding them there. I sit back a bit
and stare at your breasts...marveling at the shape and
softness of them. My hands slowly move towards
them....gliding over your collar bone....then down
together across your chest....each hand cupping one
breast....I hold my hands on them and look into my
eyes....your eyes are open and staring into mine....we
do not speak...just looking at each other....My hands
perfectly still as they cradle your wonderful, soft

Finally our stare is broken as I lean over to kiss
you...my tongue plunges into your mouth and we kiss
madly...your hands grabbing my head and holding I
tight.....my hands still on your breasts....but the
grip is tightening. You can hear my breathing
beginning to get shallow and you know that you have
touched and aroused me. Our tongues wrestling in our
mouths becoming one....the sexual excitement
building....I want you so much....you beg me to make
love to you....please.....I stop my kissing and sit up
and look at you....then I smile.....your hands begin
to dance across my stomach....you watch as my head
bends to kiss my breasts.

I start by kissing around the sides....and down the
middle between you tits.....then I slowly lick your
breasts with my tongue....working my tongue along the
roundness of your skin to the tip...close to the
nipple which is now beginning to harden. My tongue
flickers across the nipple...and I watch as it
responds by hardening and growing. My tongue again
flickers across the hardened nipple and this time I
nibble at it. You moan with delight. It feels so good
when I do this to you. my other hand grabs the other
tit and squeezes it....my mouth then transfers to
it....licking it and nibbling at it until the nipple
is rock hard. I put my finger into your mouth and
moisten it....the sight causes my cock to stir and
pulse again...then I begin to draw circles around the
nipples with my index fingers....pressing both tits at
the same time....I can see that this drives you wild
with excitement.

Your head is pushed back into the pillow and your eyes
are closed....I am enjoying this immensely. I tell you
to open your eyes and watch I while I tease you....You
open those beautiful eyes and see the most wonderful
sight.....I have taken my cock in my hands and I have
moved up higher on your body and am now sitting just
behind your breasts....with my hands I tap my cock
against your soft skin..making a slapping noise and I
say "I want to you so bad Babes, but first I am going
to fuck your tits"....you smile up at me and say
innocently "anything to please my baby, but.....come
closer and I will get you nice and wet." you whisper
almost emabarrased by how much you want to suck my
cock!! I move a little closer and your tongue begins
to lap my cock like a lollipop..then closer, and into
that sweet mouth. I lean forward and plunge into you
balls against your chin. Your eyes are closed, and
your tongue lashes at the underside of my hardness as
you suck. I pump two long, slow strokes in and out
enjoying your talents, but then must stop before I get
carried away. You let my cock slip from your lips and
lap at it once more, wetting it and making it glisten
with saliva....then I reposition myself back behind
you breasts and lay my cock in your cleavage.....I
grab each breast with my hands and squeeze them
together and make my cock disappear in them.

I can feel the warmth of your soft breasts against my
hard dick.....I begin to rock my hips slowly at
first....I feel the closeness of your breasts wrapped
around my cock.....and with every stroke...your mouth
reaches out and kisses and licks the head of my cock
as it appears through the top side of your breasts. I
tell you to suck it as I pump my breasts faster....you
smile as if given a reward. I continue to thrust
between your tits while I am still holding them
tight...using my thumbs on your rock hard
nipples...and each time that the head of my cock pops
through the top you begin to suck it....I can hear the
sucking noises and the popping as I pull it out of
your mouth with each stroke. Mmmmmmmmmm, you are SO
good babes.

I look down and see the most wonderful sight as your
lips wrap around my cock as I am fucking your tits. I
breath deeply.....in through my nose....and sighing
deeply as I exhale...."You are so good Babes" I groan
again....."don't stop.....I want to cum soon.....my
thrusts become harder and faster.....your sucking
continues...your tongue swirls around the tip of my
cock each time it appears in front of your mouth.....I
watch as your lips open and my cock slides in through
those lips...it it such a sight!.....My hips are
moving faster and faster.....your hands move to help
hold those beautiful breasts in place while my hips
are thrusting forward with great strength.....I can
feel my leg muscles tightening with every thrust.....

You love the weight of my body on top of you....I can
feel the saliva running down my cock and wetting your
breasts with every thrust. I begin to moan......then
little grunting sounds....My hips are thrusting faster
and harder.....I am pumping in a frenzy ...... You
continue to suck and lick as fast as you can to keep
up......My grasp on you moves to your head and I hold
you by the hair, fucking your tits and mouth. You can
feel that I am ready to cum. You reach your left hand
around to grab my ass and your right hand slides under
to massage my balls...my balls are very tight and they
are ready to release my hot cum....You feel my ass
muscles contracting with every thrust.....you pull my
hips into you further.....fucking only your mouth
now..and you let my cock slide ALL the way down your
throat.....As you deep-throat me...I have never done
that before...had a woman suddenly and so smoothly
maneuver this for me....and without missing a beat I
continue to rock my hips in rhythm to you mouth which
is sucking my cock the full length.

I can feel the back of your throat as I pump with
excitement...My head tilts back...my eyes rolled
up.....it looks as if I am in pain....but in fact...it
feels so damm good it wouldn't matter....I can hear
the muffled noises coming from your mouth as you take
me deep inside with every thrust....You can hear that
I am about to cum and I quicken my pace to join me. My
hands still guiding your head...I look down and watch
as my cock disappears into your mouth with every
thrust....this sends me over the edge and I begin to
unload in your mouth. You can feel my balls
jerking...pumping out the semen and shooting it down
your throat.....it is warm, sweet and you swallow it
all.....I slowly pull my glistening dick from your
sweet lips, and watch as you lick me clean.

Long strokes up and down the shaft making sure that
you get every last drop. "Yummy" you gigle up at me,
as I marvel at you. So hot and nasty one second, and a
sweet innocent girl the next. GOD I LOVE HER I think
to myself. I roll off you and onto my side and
sigh....you tell me to roll on my back...I do.....I am
so exhausted......You cuddle up close to me, resting
your head on my chest. I gently stroke your hair, and
tell you how much you mean to me as you listen to my
heart beat through my chest.

"Rest my baby" you tell me....."You need to rebuild
your strength, and we have ALL DAY to play!" you
giggle again, and we both hug tighter. You lean over
and we kiss one long wet passionate kiss before you
snuggle into me and we drift off for a morning nap.
Current Mood: horny

30th July 2003

12:05pm: Feeding my imagination............
What I think about while stroking:

Not so much "rough" as much as forceful.......me directing your movements....positioning your body......doing what I wanted with you.....taking what I needed from you. It was very HOT to say the least *grin*. I pushed you to your knees, and pushed my hard dick into your mouth........grabbing you by the hair.......fucking your sweet lil mouth and driving back into your throat. Your eyes looking up at me obediently wanting to please me, but at the same time a little affraid of my powerful lust as I was fucking your mouth. I'd pull your hair, and tell you to pinch you own nipples hard!!!
After some time, I turned you around.........on your knees and bent you over the edge of the bed so I could take your ass!!! You cried a little telling me it hurt..........but I just took you, knowing that you liked the pain somewhere inside you. I fucked your ass HARD for what seemed a long time.........you came 3 times while I fucked your perfect nice ass. I had my hands pulling your hair.........and pinching at your clit....as you kept pinching your nipples causing yourself sweet agony.....
Then, keeping you in that position......I drove my cock deep into your dripping wet pussy.......I fucked you even harder this time......loving your screams and squeals and begging me for mercy!!! You came around me again........drenching me with your juices........
So I flipped you over onto your back....down on the floor at the foot of the bed. I climbed over you......telling you to hold those gorgeous tits together!! I slid my prick.....dripping with your cum between your big tits......and I fucked your tits fast until I came very hard.....shooting all over your face, chin, tits....etc. It seemed to get everywhere!!
Then I made you suck my dick clean....and instructed you as you used your fingers to scoop up and lick and suck all my cum off of yourself. I would point to you saying....."you missed some here"...or..."there is a lil more".......and you just kept licking it all up....loving every drop!
When you were cleaned up......you looked up at me and thanked me again and again!!! MMMMmmmmmmmm...............
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